Term Project

Announcement : Midterm will be on 21st of April at lecture time and first 6 lecture topics will be included. You don't need to memorize any formula. But you need to know the theories that we have seen at the class.


Homework : In praat program perform the following procedures:

1. make a nearly one second sentence recording from your voice. Record the same sentence 5 times and save in different names. 

2. Examine these recordings in praat program and follow pitch, intensity and formant locations. 

3. Compare these 5 recording results in terms of possible different/similar locations of pitch, intensity and formant locations. 

4. what could be the reason of differences and similarities in these five recordings. 

Put the figures of your recordings (including formants, intensity and pitch locations and  the said sentences under each figure) into a word document, analyse each results in this document and sent me up to 21st of April